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Peace Corps - The Peace Corps in Cambodia has volunteers who teach at rural high schools. The Peace Corps provides leadership residents, who live in the Harpswell dormitories and teach English, it also helps us recruit new students for our dorms, and it gives workshops on leadership to our students. Some of our students do summer internships with the Peace Corps.

UN Women - UN Women is the principal body of the United Nations that supports the advancement of women around the world. Harpswell is proud to partner with UN Women. The country director of UN Women in Cambodia, Wenny Kusuma, has given leadership seminars to our Harpswell students, and several Harpswell students have interned with UN Women.

Cambodia Living Arts - Founded in 1998 by musician and Khmer-Rouge survivor Arn Chorn-Pond, Cambodia Living Arts has a mission to transform Cambodia through the arts and pursues this mission by supporting and nurturing the performing arts in Cambodia. CLA will give four events per year to Harpswell students in our Hall of Great Women, including performances, presentations, and instructions in the arts.

Global Women's Leadership Initiative We have formed a partnership with the Global Womens Leadership Initiative, based at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC. The GWLI promotes networks and trainings for emerging women leaders around the world. In August 2014, Harpswell joined with GWLI and Pannasastra University to host a two-week Institute in women in public service.

Gender and Development Cambodia Gender and Development Cambodia (GADC) is one of the leading organizations in Cambodia working for gender equality. Among GADC�s many projects is a series of workshops with men to explore and test their attitudes toward women and their own masculine identity.

Asian University for Women Asian University for Women, based in Bangladesh, is a unique university for Asian women, with students from 12 countries, and a mission to graduate women who will become leaders in Asia and the world. Recently Alan Lightman, founder of the Harpswell Foundation, has joined the International Council of Advisors for AUW and Kamal Ahmad, founder of AUW, has joined the Board of Advisors of Harpswell. Harpswell and AUW plan a joint workshop in Bangladesh in January 2017

Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association The mission of the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association is to encourage and support businesses owned by women in Cambodia. Harpswell and CWEA have joint events, and Seng Takakneary, the founder and director of CWEA, spoke to Harpswell students. In the future, we hope that Harpswell graduates will get jobs through CWEA.

Coalition for Adolescent Girls - We are a member partner of the Coaltion for Adolescent Girls, which is a joint venture of the United Nations and the Nike Foundation dedicated to improve the lives of adolescent girls around the world, particularly in third world countries.

A New Day Cambodia - This NGO provides shelter and educational opportunities to street children in Phnom Penh. Our Harpswell students go to the New Day Cambodia facility twice a month and serve as mentors and role models to the children there.

D-Lab at MIT - D-Lab is an interdisciplinary program at MIT, combining architecture, engineering, and other fields to improve the quality of life in developing countries through the creation and implementation of low cost technologies. Harpswell staff and students consult with D-lab on their projects in Cambodia to redesign schools and promote education in rural communities.

Bowdoin College - Each year since 2011, Harpswell has sent two of our graduated students for a year of post-graduate study at Bowdoin. In exchange, each summer a Bowdoin student comes to Harpswell in Cambodia as a Leadership Resident.

Wellesley College - The Wellesley College Center in Work and Service has sent several of its undergraduates to Harpswell as leadership residents in the summer, and we are exploring other avenues for collaboration.

Christian Brothers University - Harpswell has recently formed a partnership with Christian Brothers University in Memphis Tennessee. Beginning in 2016-2017, Harpswell students will spend a year at CBU, and CBU students will spend a summer at Harpswell.

Pannasastra University of Cambodia - Harpswell has formed a partnership with Pannasastra University of Cambodia, one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Cambodia. In August 2014, we joined PUC and the Global Women's Leadership Initiative to host a two-week Institute for women in public service.

Inauguration of the Global Women's Leadership Initiative � Harpswell - Pannasastra Institute in Women's Leadership and Women in Public Service, 17 August 2014

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