Empowering a New Generation of Leaders in the Developing World

Evaluation and Impact

Harpswell graduates of the Class of 2010, working in the offices of Gordon Associates law and business consulting firm in Phnom Penh. Left to right, Layheang Hing, Sreyhak Sroung, Soma Hour, Channy Hak, Socheath In, Pichpanha Nhim, and Vutha Din. Not shown is an eighth Harpswell employee of the firm, Savada Prom.

Our goal is that our graduates will become ministers of government, directors of hospitals, heads of NGOs, heads of law firms, journalists and business entrepreneurs and executives. This is a long-term goal, and consequently it may be 20 years or more before we can truly evaluate our success and measure our impact.

In the shorter term, some measures of our progress are the academic standing of our students at their universities, the graduate programs they attend, their scholarships for post-graduate study abroad, and the jobs they receive upon entering the work force.

As of the summer of 2015, we have had six years of graduates from our Harpswell Dormitory and Leadership Center for Women, beginning with the Class of 2010. Some short-term indicators of our progress are:

  • For the last several years, our students have ranked first in their class at the Royal University of Law and Economics, the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and the National University of Management, three of the major universities in Cambodia.
  • As reported by staff and parents, our students show dramatic improvement in their self confidence and public speaking ability, critical thinking skills, knowledge of national and international events, facility with computers, and English ability.
  • Essentially all of our graduates are employed or are studying for advanced degrees. As of summer 2015, we have 103 graduates, beginning with the class of 2010. Our graduates are working as lawyers in law firms, as project managers in NGOs, as journalists, as financial managers, as staff in the government ministries, as teachers, as business entrepreneurs. Thirty of our graduates have received scholarships for post-graduate study abroad, including at many fine American colleges and universities. (All must sign commitment letters saying that they will return to Cambodia after their education abroad.) A similar number have or will soon receive masters degrees. To see a list of all Harpswell graduates and their current jobs and positions, CLICK HERE.

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